Monday, 20 August 2012

What a day!

I went to the beach today, to see Mums friend and her 2 sons, that I'll call Friend A and Friend B. We went to Woolacombe beach. When we arrived there Friend A and B were all ready in the sea. So I just ran down into the sea to meet them whilst Mum carried all of the bags down.

We tried to go body boarding but the life guards said we would have to move a long way down the beach because of currents in the sea. That was a bit of a shame but it was still really fun. After a little while we had some crisps and then paddled around a bit more. Mum went in for a little while until the waves started getting her dress wet.

We then went and had some lunch. It was really nice. Me, friend A and B all had chicken nuggets, Mum and scampi and her Friend had a huge salad. Then we got to have an ice cream. Yay.

Then we went back to the beach to play, and build sand castles. We tried to have a sand castle competition but none of us done too well.

Then Mum said we had to go, becuase we had to pick Dad up from work. I didn't want to leave and got a bit sad. But it was a really good day, and I did feel like I needed a shower to get the sand off.

Here is a picture of the fantastic Woolacombe beach!

What a day.


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