Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bad days and good days

Bad days and good days. The slightest thing that is good, that I get excited about can make me really happy. Like if I get a new little toy or going to visit family, will make me really happy and can turn a day into a good day.
But, the slightest thing that is bad can make me get really upset. Things like if we are expecting to go somewhere like my Grandma's and something happens that means that we can't go. These things can ruin a whole day for me, even if they don't seem that huge when I think about it another day.
When its a good day I feel excited because I know I can look forward to things. I am always better behaved when I'm having a good day and try to help out with things and do nice things for Mum and Dad.
When I'm having a bad day, I get really angry and and argue with everyone. I sometimes throw things around my room and slam doors. I've slammed my bedroom door so much that I've even broken the door handle. I also do not take things seriously when I start to get told off for things and just laugh at Mum and Dad, which makes things worse.
I think that I have more bad days than good days, but Mum and Dad says that I do not, it's just that I always think about the bad things more than the good days.

Today I think I've had a bad day, it's been boring and miserable. I've argued with Mum and Dad this evening, but they've said that it couldn't have been a too bad day because I've had one of my best tea's which is Chinese, and been out playing for a while.

I guess it's just how I feel about things.


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