Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Booo to all bullies

I get bullied quite a lot. At school and after school. There is a boy, that I will call Billy the Bully 1. He threatens to hurt me after school and then after school he sometimes throws me against a really spiky wall, and it hurts a lot. I tried to stick near other children's parents, but they don't seem to care, they just walk right past.
There is also another bully that I will call Billy the Bully 2. He doesn't go to my school but is always out in the village. So quite often I can't go out to play because he is mean when I do. He also threatens to do stuff to me. When I have not done anything to Billy 2, and I look down the park to see if he is there. If he is there and see's me he sneaks around to the other side of the village hall and catches me and tries to hurt me. I think he is a total jerk. He is not only mean to me, he is also nasty to other children, but he seems to chase me more than others.
The is another bully called Billy the Bully 3 that does not even live here but comes to visit. He is quite a bit older than me but still gets nasty. He is quite similar to Billy 2, because he still sometimes hurts me.

I feel sad and angry when these bullies hurt me. It makes me want to run away and go home, but often I can't because they are faster and stronger than me and catch me or stop me from getting away. It makes me feel frustrated as well because even though they are the nasty ones it is me that has to stay in doors and not have fun, when they get to go out when ever they like.

I think that the parents of these bullies should tell them that if they do things more than 5 times to a child they should get sent away to a naughty boy school or at least get grounded. It is just not fair that I have to suffer because they get away with being mean. I don't understand my children can be nasty to other children. I always try to be nice to other children, especially if they are younger than me. All of my bullies are older than me so should know better.

I hope that one day people like me can go out and play without anyone being nasty to them and making them sad. It just takes nicer people to make the bullies realise how crewel they are.


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