Monday, 27 August 2012

Back to school soon

Not much going on today, but I've been thinking about going back to school in just over a week! I'm quite excited really as I'll be becoming a year 5. I'll be able to be in the school football team if I'm good enough, I might even be able to do basketball and volleyball.
The other cool thing is that even though it might rain loads I'll still get to see my friends everyday and have loads of fun at lunch times and break times.

I really like DT, building stuff, because I get to use a saw and other tools to make things and see a finished product. PE and games is always better than being in the classroom. I love music because I'm good at it. Science can be hard but I really like the experiments.

The bad bits though are all lessons apart from PE, art, music and science I absolutely hate. Because I find them boring, and also a bit hard. Even with science I like to just get straight to it, and not do the planning of it. When I find things boring at school, I usually give up easily and daydream. The problem with that is then though that I get punished, and sent out of the class, or have to stay in at break time. If I could get a little bit more help at the beginning of the lesson to explain what the teacher is saying and then I wouldn't get bored. I would really like to have a helper work with me during the lessons. I have always done really well when a teacher has spent more time with me, and I even surprise them with the amount of work that I can do without being sent out of the class. I find it really annoying and sad when I don't get what the teacher has said and then I get sent out of the class and have to stay behind. I really think I should get more help, so that I can do more work better.

I don't think that my teachers will really like my blog. I like being treated the same as all the other children, but sometimes I think I should get that little bit of extra help, and maybe get an extra warning than the other children get because of my problems.
I've heard mum and dad say that that they want me to do as well as I can do, not just enough to make the teachers think I'm doing OK.

I actually think that I'm not going to be very good at interviews when I get older. Because I think I'm doing so rubbish now. But I'm not going to give up because I want to get a good job to help lots of animals. Or maybe be a famous drummer!

Thank you for reading and hopefully I'll speak to you tomorrow after drums!

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