My Asperger's

If I could get rid of my Asperger's, I would decide to keep it because it makes me me. And I like being me and the way I am.

Sometimes having Asperger's means that you give up easily and sometimes you don't, depending on who you are. I do sometimes give up when I get confused and frustrated.

My Asperger's also gives me a really good memory for things, and I can estimate things really quickly, like if I see a load of balls I can quickly guess how many there are and am normally quite close.

So as you know my life isn't that bad, but there are some consequences about having Asperger's. For starters I do get into trouble a lot at School, when I try not to do anything wrong. I always seem to attract the bullies as well and get picked on quite a bit. People just don't seem to understand me very well.

Thank goodness my parents take the time to listen.

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  1. My goodness Lewis - When I read this and some of the other posts on you great blog it just makes me want to cry as my son has been through so many similar situations - like being bullied at school (and then he got the blame when he couldn't take anymore and lashed out at the bully), always getting in trouble without realising what he has done wrong and so on. Well done for writing this blog and helping others understand - there are so many people out there that really need to understand! Thank you and well done. xxx