Thursday, 11 October 2012

Granddad gets conned

Granddad Mondo has been trying to get me a really cool play fort for the garden for a birthday gift. He ordered it ages ago and it should have been here three weeks ago. It has not arrived yet. So Granddad keeps trying to call them but they never reply so we are worried that he has been conned. I recommended calling the police. Uncle Martin is going down to see Granddad to help him out, because he's the clever one and you know what old people are like now a days!

I was really sad and he said he wanted to send me something for my birthday but I said no because he wasted all that money on the play fort and we haven't even got it. I feel quite disappointed that I could not get the fort, but I do not want to tell Granddad because I don't want him to get upset. He told me that he would be upset if I did not get anything from him, so he said he would send me some money down as I didn't know what I wanted, as I'm not really into much at the moment. I need to go and visit my Nan in Milton Keynes so that I can go to Toys R Us again, then I could find something.

Please keep donating.


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