Monday, 1 October 2012

Bully gets caught

Today after school, Billy the Bully 1 finally got caught being mean to me by a teacher. We had to go out tonight so I haven't had time to write this myself, so while I'm out I'm writing it down and Dad will put it up for me tonight.

Back to the main story. After school today Billy 1 was running down the hill bashing into me over and over again, only this time one of the teachers at my school saw him and shouted at him. But he tried to ignore it and got into his granddads car. So the teacher chased after it and stopped him from driving off and still told Billy off for being mean. It was well cool, all of the other children saw her stop the car. Hopefully now he's been told off for doing it it might stop for a while.

In other news. My poor jimmy cat is a bit ill. He's got something wrong on his ears. It looks like they've been burnt and now the fur has come off of one of them. The vets have given him some medicine and we've got some cream to put on it so hopefully it will get better really soon. It looks yukky at the moment though, the poor little man.

Thats it for now. Thanks to the new donators, only £110 to go till I reach my target now!


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