Friday, 12 October 2012

Food frustration

One thing I keep getting in trouble about at home is eating. Dad calls it an obsession that I have. I always want to eat junk or even just eat. After I've had breakfast in the mornings I'll start talking about wanting elevenses or what I am going to have for it. If I miss having anything I moan about not having it. If I'm told not to complain about it I can sometimes get really angry. That is the way that it quite often goes after each meal. I hate to miss a meal and I always want to know what it is that we are having and when.
When I'm offered fruit I will get grumpy and say I want sweets. I know lots of children are like that though. It's just I think I probably get more frustrated with it than other people do. The thing that makes me most frustrated is that Dad gets stuff for Mum and I don't get them. People buy me sweets but I don't get to eat them when I want, and sometimes I'm told I'm not allowed them at all.

I got sent out of class today at School during French for speaking when I wasn't asked to. I didn't realise that I had spoken out of turn so I didn't know what the teacher meant when she said one more time Lewis and I'll send you out.

No problems with bullies this week at school though, which is good. Billy the bully was off school for one day which was really cool.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


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