Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Good times

I had a really good day at School yesterday. Really good. The teacher even sent a letter home to tell Mum and Dad how good I had been. How cool's that. So as a little reward Mum and Dad let me bake some cookies that we had for desert. I got really mucky making them and then splatted them down onto the tray. They kind of ended up sticking together but they tasted really good and Mum and Dad even let me have theirs.

More good news from school is that we have another residential this year. In July we are going to Oakhampton again which is really cool. We went there last year and I had so much fun. So I'm really looking forward to that.

Apparently I've got an appointment to see a special doctor next week with Mum and Dad. They have said it's a yearly checkup on my Aspergers. I don't know if theres much point because I've clearly still got it! They want to ask him a few questions about my arguing and something else that is too embarrassing for me to say on here.

I hope you are still all enjoying my blog. I am struggling to write things some days because I don't want people being bored and some of the things that I have trouble with I don't realise are things that other people wouldn't have trouble with.

Speak soon

Monday, 15 October 2012

The trouble with Aspergers

Today I didn't know what to say. I've been getting into lots of trouble at home for doing things wrong but I don't like talking about it. Dad sat down with me and said that this is exactly the kind of thing that lots of other children might like to know. Which is really good, because, thats what I wanted this blog to be for. So I thought it would be a good idea to talk about just that. Why I have trouble talking about things.

Sometimes when I get in trouble I get so angry that I end up throwing things around and really shouting loads. I sometimes say things that I really don't mean. One of the things I get in trouble for is always wanting to get involved in conversations when they are not really anything to do with me and I don't even understand it. I just like to know everything that is going on and don't want to miss out on anything. I think the problem then comes when I'm asked to either keep out of it or be quiet. I then sometimes can't control myself. I sometimes can't keep quiet and keep talking until I'm really told off or I just get angry and start shouting. This is probably my biggest problem at the moment. I have trouble knowing when to stop and then when I get angry I have trouble calming down until I'm just left alone in my room. I can't be left in my room when I'm out though.

But I still like to think that there is good things that are because of the way I am. I love all animals so much. And because of that when ever there is anything going on with animals anywhere mum and dad take me. I went to the garden centre on Sunday because they had a cool animal display there with hamsters, special rats, bee's and a really cute little baby guinea pig that was blind. His name was Jasper and he was really cuddly. There was also a load of cool birds there. Big owls and eagles that I got to stroke as well. All though I think that Dad was more impressed with the birds than I was!

Speak to you all soon.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Food frustration

One thing I keep getting in trouble about at home is eating. Dad calls it an obsession that I have. I always want to eat junk or even just eat. After I've had breakfast in the mornings I'll start talking about wanting elevenses or what I am going to have for it. If I miss having anything I moan about not having it. If I'm told not to complain about it I can sometimes get really angry. That is the way that it quite often goes after each meal. I hate to miss a meal and I always want to know what it is that we are having and when.
When I'm offered fruit I will get grumpy and say I want sweets. I know lots of children are like that though. It's just I think I probably get more frustrated with it than other people do. The thing that makes me most frustrated is that Dad gets stuff for Mum and I don't get them. People buy me sweets but I don't get to eat them when I want, and sometimes I'm told I'm not allowed them at all.

I got sent out of class today at School during French for speaking when I wasn't asked to. I didn't realise that I had spoken out of turn so I didn't know what the teacher meant when she said one more time Lewis and I'll send you out.

No problems with bullies this week at school though, which is good. Billy the bully was off school for one day which was really cool.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Granddad gets conned

Granddad Mondo has been trying to get me a really cool play fort for the garden for a birthday gift. He ordered it ages ago and it should have been here three weeks ago. It has not arrived yet. So Granddad keeps trying to call them but they never reply so we are worried that he has been conned. I recommended calling the police. Uncle Martin is going down to see Granddad to help him out, because he's the clever one and you know what old people are like now a days!

I was really sad and he said he wanted to send me something for my birthday but I said no because he wasted all that money on the play fort and we haven't even got it. I feel quite disappointed that I could not get the fort, but I do not want to tell Granddad because I don't want him to get upset. He told me that he would be upset if I did not get anything from him, so he said he would send me some money down as I didn't know what I wanted, as I'm not really into much at the moment. I need to go and visit my Nan in Milton Keynes so that I can go to Toys R Us again, then I could find something.

Please keep donating.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bottle stealers

Yesterday I took loads of bottles into school for DT that I had saved up for ages to make a sculpture. I put them in the other room but then they all got used by other children and now I don't have any for my work. It really upset me because all the teacher said was oh well they were used by other children. It really annoyed me as it took me ages to get them all and wash them out so that they were safe to use. If I'd known I couldnt use them straight away I would have saved them for next week to take in.

Dad said that he'll make sure I have more for next week but its not the point, and they'll probably just get nicked as well. It make me not want to go back to school today. So when I got up this morning I tried to say that I didnt feel well but mum and dad were too clever for me and realised so I had to go. It wasnt too bad and I enjoyed my lunch anyway.

Hope your week is going well, I've got football club tomorrow so something to look forward to :)


Monday, 8 October 2012

sorry I was ill

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I was ill for a few days and couldn't think properly about my blog until I felt a bit better.

I have had a stressful day today and came home from school feeling pretty grumpy. I had a bit of an argument with Mum. I got in from school and I just wanted to chillax and relax and the first thing that Mum said was that Dad had said I needed to tidy my room and practice my drums. So I moaned at her and then stormed off.

Eventually I calmed down and thought I might as well just get it over and done with. So by the time Dad got home from work I had practised my drums and my room was nearly tidy. I have decided though that I am not going to play with my toys anymore. Then I don't need to tidy them up again. I'll just play with my ds, computer and watch TV.

I am now only £110 away from reaching my £500 target. I'm sorry I haven't blogged but please, please keep donating.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

late night again

Last night I had a late night again because Dad broke down in his company car when we went to get some petrol. I was so scared I couldn't stop shaking.

Dad had to go to Bristol for work today so he had a company car to go in. So last night he asked me if I wanted to come out with him to get some petrol in it ready for the morning. I thought that it sounded pretty boring but I didn't want him to go on his own and be lonely so I went with him. I wish I hadn't. Just as we got to the town the engine started to stop. Dad pulled onto a road that went down hill to try and jump start it. No idea what that means but thats what he said anyway. That meant that we ended up in a bit of town that had no one in it and it was really dark. Then the engine completely stopped and we couldn't get it started again.

I was really worried that Dad would get told off for breaking the car and then I realised that we were stuck miles away from home in the dark and got even more worried. I was sat in the back of the car shaking so much that Dad thought I was jumping around in the car because it was shaking.

Eventually dad calmed me down by telling me about the RAC. They are like the AA and come and fix cars. He told me that if they couldn't fix it they would take us home anyway. So dad rang them and then we just had to wait 45 minutes for them to get to us. The man was really nice and found out that it was a thing on the car that stops people from stealing it that had got stuck on but managed to switch it off with his special computer that he plugged into the car.

I was so happy to get home, but it was really late so I didnt get the chance to blog. So I wrote this down today and asked dad to type it for me as a punishment for making me have a late night :)

Speak to you all tomorrow.


Monday, 1 October 2012

Bully gets caught

Today after school, Billy the Bully 1 finally got caught being mean to me by a teacher. We had to go out tonight so I haven't had time to write this myself, so while I'm out I'm writing it down and Dad will put it up for me tonight.

Back to the main story. After school today Billy 1 was running down the hill bashing into me over and over again, only this time one of the teachers at my school saw him and shouted at him. But he tried to ignore it and got into his granddads car. So the teacher chased after it and stopped him from driving off and still told Billy off for being mean. It was well cool, all of the other children saw her stop the car. Hopefully now he's been told off for doing it it might stop for a while.

In other news. My poor jimmy cat is a bit ill. He's got something wrong on his ears. It looks like they've been burnt and now the fur has come off of one of them. The vets have given him some medicine and we've got some cream to put on it so hopefully it will get better really soon. It looks yukky at the moment though, the poor little man.

Thats it for now. Thanks to the new donators, only £110 to go till I reach my target now!