What I'm doing

The idea of this blog is to show everyone what life is like being me.

One weekend I was speaking to my Dad, saying that I wanted to try and raise some money for The Autistic Society, to help other people like me. We spoke about different things I could do and decided on trying to make people realise how having this problem effects me. 

So Dad set up this blog for me and I am going to write about my experiences on a day to day basis. The things I finds hard, the things I finds easy, the bullying and the friends I have.

Hopefully it will help people to understand that us people with Asperger's are not bad or naughty people, and might like to help us by donating to The Autistic Society, so that they can keep helping loads of children like me.

So please use the links on the side to give as much or as little as you can.

Thank you.

Lewis :)

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  1. Lewis, you're a great blogger. Keep it up, and good luck with the fundraising :)