Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bottle stealers

Yesterday I took loads of bottles into school for DT that I had saved up for ages to make a sculpture. I put them in the other room but then they all got used by other children and now I don't have any for my work. It really upset me because all the teacher said was oh well they were used by other children. It really annoyed me as it took me ages to get them all and wash them out so that they were safe to use. If I'd known I couldnt use them straight away I would have saved them for next week to take in.

Dad said that he'll make sure I have more for next week but its not the point, and they'll probably just get nicked as well. It make me not want to go back to school today. So when I got up this morning I tried to say that I didnt feel well but mum and dad were too clever for me and realised so I had to go. It wasnt too bad and I enjoyed my lunch anyway.

Hope your week is going well, I've got football club tomorrow so something to look forward to :)


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