Friday, 28 September 2012

I love my Granddad

I got to see my crazy Granddad again last night and then he took me to school this morning. I miss him already. He is always so funny and cool. I wish I could see him more than I can, I always worry about him because of his poorly brain. He's hoping to come back down again in a few weeks. I hope he does, maybe he could come down during half term and we can spend even more time together. That would be so cool.

Granddad, if you are reading this, I love you and miss you, see you again really soon I hope.

After school today we had film club. We watched Carries War. It was about a girl and boy that got moved during the war. It was quite good. There was one person in it that I felt really sorry for. He couldn't talk properly and then a boy learns how to understand what he says. He reminded me of autistic children that can't talk. I don't know if Mr Johnny in the film was autistic though. It made me wish though that there was a National Autistic Society during the war to help people like this like they can now.

I'm hoping the weather is good tomorrow so I can go out and play a bit. Lets hope so.

Please keep donating, I want to get to that £500.


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Quick visit with Granddad

Sorry I can't really talk tonight. My Granddad is going back to Liverpool tomorrow and he's taking me out for the night and then taking me to School in the morning.

I'll speak to you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bully wins again :(

Well today the bully won. I didn't get hurt but Billy the Bully 1 came very close. I was pinned against a wall being threatened which wasn't very nice.

It all started at lunch time when I heard another boy swearing and I told the teacher, but she didn't believe me. Then when I went into the toilet that boy was in there with his cousin, which is Billy the Bully. I didn't realise that he was his cousin but it turns out that he is. Well then Billy grabbed hold of me and pinned me against the wall so that I couldn't move. The he said if you tell on him again I'm going to get you. I told him to get off of me and he said it again that he would get me again. He then let me go and I tried to get away, but as I did I tripped over his leg and fell against the wall, but when I did that I accidental knocked into the other boy. They then ran out and told the teacher that I had punched him. I didn't, I promise I didn't. I tried to tell the teacher what had happened but she believed the Billy and the other boy so I got told off and then had to miss break and made to sit away from the class.

So I think I got told off for being bullied. Dad is going to go in and speak to the teacher in the morning to sort it out. I wish I hadn't said anything to the teacher about the other boy swearing now.

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Close call with the bullies

Today was the first time that Billy the Bully 1 has said anything nasty to me since we started back at school. Thats pretty good going really but it did scare me a little bit.
In the afternoon at school today he came over to me and said, "I'm going to kill you after school" I just ignored him and then he came back a few minutes later whilst the teacher was stood next to us and said "I'm really going to kill you after school". I don't think the teacher heard him, even though she was stood right next to us. So when school finished I was a bit nervous because mum and dad don't normally pick me up from School on a Tuesday. But then I saw that Billy's mum or dad had come to pick him up so there wasn't a problem at all.

So I just walked home quite happily, practised my drums again and then went off to my Drum lesson. Which was really cool by the way. On the way there dad asked if anything had happened at school today, like he always does, it gets a bit boring eventually! So I told him and mum what Billy 1 had done today. They asked me if I had told my teacher, and I told them that I hadn't. They wern't very happy with me. They keep telling me that if anyone does or says anything that I need to tell the teacher. But I don't want to be a tell tail. They said though that if I don't tell the teacher then my teach can't stop it from happening, and then when mum and dad talks to the teacher about it the teacher won't know whats going on. So I suppose I should tell her. I sort of just get used to some people being mean though really.

Hopefully nothing will happen tomorrow. I've also got some cool news about a play that I'm going to be in to tell you about but it's late now and I need to go to sleep apparently!

Check ya laters

Monday, 24 September 2012

What a weekend!

Firstly, sorry for not blogging for a while, I've been really busy as it was my Birthday yesterday. I'm now 10 years old. Sick or what!

I got loads of money and presents so I'm pretty much sorted now.

What was even better than the presents though was that my Uncle Martin has brought my crazy Granddad Mondo down to see me and I spent the whole weekend with him. It was really cool. We went to the beach, the fair and then funderzone, and I stayed with them in their holiday cottage. It was just the best ever. I love my granddad so much, I'm so happy my uncle brought him down for me.

In other news, I'm feeling a little bit disappointed that I've not had any new donations for over a week now. I hope people aren't getting bored of me.

One bit of good news though is that The National Autistic Society are going to right about me in their next newsletter because of what I'm doing on here. Which is really pretty cool, I might get famous!

Normal blogging will start again tomorrow so please come back and please donate, The National Autistic Society need all the help they can get.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Football time, sort of...

Things are still going quite well at school at the moment, no bullying at the moment. Makes a change.

Today we had the Arsenal Soccer School come to school after school for football club. When they came in to see us last week, they said it wouldn't be just football, it would be lots of different sports. This week was handball, next week is football then it's hockey.

We had three different teams, two teams played and the third team sat out. In the first game we won. Then the other teams played. Then we played the third team and we won that as well, which meant we won overall. We had goalies and other players. We were only allowed to take 2 steps and then only 2 seconds to pass it to another player or shoot. No one really passed to me, but I passed to other people. I got the ball when they dropped it instead. Whenever people took a shot and it was saved I managed to grab it and scored loads, but still didn't get passed to. I had people in my team that I do not really get on with very well, but I still really enjoyed it. I don't know why they didn't pass to me. I kept asking at half time, why they didn't pass to me and they just kept saying, I tried to, but I don't think they did.

I'm really looking forward to actually playing football next week. I'm hoping that I'll be with other people in my team.

I have a busy weekend coming up, so might not be able to blog on Saturday. My crazy granddad mondo is coming to see me for my birthday and I can't wait.

See you soon

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Big school meeting

Today, mum and dad had a big meeting with my headmaster and teacher about how I've been and to talk about the extra help that they want to get me.
I don't know everything that was said but dad says the meeting went well and my teachers are really happy with the way this term is going, which means mum and dad are happy as well. They still want to get me extra help but there are things that I can do in class that does help me. Being at the back of the class now means that I'm not being distracted by things going on behind me. Also if I think that I'm struggling to concentrate or the teacher thinks I'm being disruptive I can just go out of the class and sit in the office for a little while and either keep doing the work or just relax for a few moments. This really helps me. Dad says that the school is also going to get some help from some other people that understand Aspergers as well and get some ideas about what do to help me. It's all kind of boring to me but dad says its important so worth telling you about.

The one think that I did think was cool was that although I didn't get onto the School council, I was second so I nearly made it, which means that some people in my class must think I'm pretty cool.

Drum lesson tomorrow so off to bed to get ready.


Monday, 17 September 2012

Deal or no deal

Today I got back from school, which was boring as always, and went out to play with one of my friends. Only in the street though as I'm still not allowed over to the park. Well anyway, I played out for a little while and came back in to go to the toilet and asked if I could stay out later. I was told I could go out until 6. So I went out again. I came back and complained to mum and dad that I should be allowed out later. I think I should be allowed to stay out later because everybody else gets to stay out until they have to go to bed, and I would only be in my street where mum and dad could see me from the window. They still said no, I had to be home at 6 :( I was not happy, but went out for my last 20 minutes and came back just before 6.

When I got back, mum gave me this amazing deal. Mum said that if I behave, and come back when they say and go to bed when they say all week until my birthday on Sunday when I'm 10 then they'll think about letting me out later. I was quite pleased with the deal, and decided to accept it.

Thank you for listening.


Saturday, 15 September 2012


Today I got my collection bucket from The National Autistic Society so that I can collect money at school and things. I'm thinking of taking it to Tesco's for the day to get loads of money, what do you think?

I thought today that it was about time that I introduced you all to 3 of my best friends. Rosie, Jim and Titch. I thought of this because we've just got back from having to take poor little Rosie girl to the vets because she's got a nasty sore bit on her leg that she needed medicine for. She had to have 2 injections and then the vet put a collar on her, but she managed to get it off before we even got home.
This is Rosie
Rosie is a Bengal cat that likes to have her personal space, she gets really scared very very easily, and is really mouthy. She was our first cat.

Jim or Jimmy is a ginger tom cat and he's really a big wus, if Rosie and Titch are jumping all over him, he'll just sit there and let them attack him. He's the fluffiest of the lot. Here is Jim giving Rosie a cuddle.

Every time Jimmy goes out, he always comes back with an animal or sorts, that he has hunted, and killed.
Our last cat is the youngest. The one and only, the Titchster aka Titch. Titch is probably the fastest of the lot, and the hungriest, and tries to be the most adventurous. He is Rosie's kitten. His brother was called Romeo but he went to another home. Titch is about 4 months old now, here he is.

I love all of my cats, they are all really cool. 

Anyway, just one more day to go until the end of this week's give away, and no one has entered yet, which is really disappointing. Please enter if you can, even a pound will make a difference. Just go to to donate, leave a comment on the blog and please remember not to claim gift aid if you want the socks. It's really easy, please do it.

Off to see my Great Nanny tomorrow.
See you soon

Friday, 14 September 2012

Yay the weekend

The weekend is here at last. I love Friday's because I get to stay up a bit later and we sometimes have chinese for tea! And tonight we did :)

I hurt my head today. I was trying to scare someone at school and pulled the door open to say boo and really hit my head hard on it, and left a pretty big bump. Dad said I should have told the teacher but what's the point, it's not going to kill me!

I am also a bit angry at the moment though. It's a bit sad because I'm still not allowed to go out to the park. I think I've learnt enough to know that I have to look properly when I cross the road. I think it's really unfair. I think mum and dad won't let me because they hate me. They really said that they are really afraid that I'll get hurt, because I get distracted by things and might run across the road. But I think I know that even if someone calls me and says hey Lewis, quick come here, we are playing a really cool game, that I'd still make sure I look.

I think that when they know I'm going to try that they might let me. All I get told is that, no you can't because you'll get yourself killed, but I'm flippin not!

I know that what I need to do is prove that I can be trusted, but it's not easy when I get annoyed or upset because I go out and then come home early because everyone else has left my street and gone over the the park.

Hopefully soon I'll get it right!

Wish me luck

Thursday, 13 September 2012

School still cool

Firstly no one has entered my give away for Sock Shop socks. All you need to do is donate and leave a comment. Come on please help me out here!

So far this term I'm still being pretty good at school and not getting sent out of class. I've only been sent out once since school started. I'm trying really hard because it's a new year and a new start. Thats what I was told at the end of the year and thats what I'm doing. A couple of times I've been given warnings but managed to calm down and then don't get told off.

In literacy we've been writing stories and I think I'm the best in my year at the moment. My worst lesson is French and thats tomorrow. I'm supposed to be winning a prize for remembering French words for each letter of the alphabet.

I hope your week is going as well as mine so far, I havent even been told off at home yet! How cool is that?

Speak to you tomorrow after French yuk!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sad story

There was something that I read the other day about a girl that had just found out that summer that she had aspergers. She kept asking her mum to kill her! Tragic! She thought she had no friends and that everybody didn't like her and she was bullied. She told her mum that her only friend was Jesus and that the only way she could see him was if her mum killed her. It really made me feel sad to hear about that. I have tried to hurt myself in the past, I don't know why, dad says I would just get really frustrated and then bang my head. I'm better with that sort of thing now. Now I just throw things around rather than hurt myself.

I really hope that she soon realises that having aspergers can have certain benefits, like the person person that invented Windows is supposed to have asperger's and a man call Einstein who was supposed to be really clever. It makes me have a really good memory and I think it makes me really like animals and want to help them.

The National Autistic society can help little girls like this, by getting them to talk to special doctors. That is why I'm trying to do this. To help people like that.

Please keep donating and I'll speak to you soon.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I had a really good day at school today. We met a really good artist called Claire Barker, this is her website - she's really nice and I really enjoyed having our art lesson with her.
I drew a zombie wizard, and the a cool double faced go compare fat man head. When you look at it one way he is an evil person and then when you turn it over he's a sad person. It was great fun.

Tuesday's are always my favourite day at school, because it's always art or DT in the afternoon and the teacher with have is really nice. I was thinking that I don't remember ever being sent out of her class every since starting at this school. Dad says I've been going there for a year now. I couldn't believe it had been that long. A year has gone really fast I think.

I can still remember my last school that I went to. I didn't really like it there. I had a lot of friends but there was also a lot of bullies there. I even had one boy jump up and down on my head on a space hopper once. There are still some bullies where I live now and at my school now, but it is much much better.

I also asked at school if we could do a non-uniform day at school for The National Autistic Society soon as well. Hopefully they'll say yes and then I can raise more money.

Don't forget my give away, please just donate and you could win.

See ya tomorrow,

Monday, 10 September 2012

More socks

Today I'm starting another great giveaway of The Sock Shop socks. This time it's for 5 pairs of girls socks worth over £10.

All you have to do is leave a donation, no matter how big or small and then put a comment on here.

Here's a picture of some of them, not my style but very nice for a girl:

Please remember to not claim gift aid if you are entering.

I'll pick the winner on Sunday after 1pm.

Come on people not only could you win some nice socks, but you are also helping tons of kids like me that sometime need a bit of help.
I'm only £150 way from my goal now, I'd love to make that by my birthday in 2 weeks time.

Thanks everyone for donating so far. And thank you to all the people that have left really nice comments on blog. Dad always makes sure I read them.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

And the winner is!

Well today is the day that I tell you who has won my little gift.

I had three people enter, I was hoping for more but three is better than none. So Dad used to pick from the three people.

And the winner is ..........

Melanie Marshall!

Well done Melanie, and thank you for donating everyone else.

Please can you email me and I'll send you the socks. My email is

Thats the good news for today. But unfortunately I had a good day today go horribly wrong, when I got angry at Dad for not letting me go back out and ended up hitting him in the face. Luckily for me Dad knows what I'm like at times and can cope with it. I have said sorry. I don't really want to talk about it though because I still feel really sad about it now. I am grounded again now though :( Suppose I deserve it though, and I've got to tidy my room again because I threw loads of stuff around.

Back to school tomorrow so hopefully will have a good day.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday at last!

Well I've made it to the end of the week without any bullies getting me. So a good week really.

Today at school we had a big write. Which is where you write a big story. It happens every Friday. I done three sides of writing and had still not finished! Everyone made up their own story and I made up that I was climbing Mount Everest. I didn't even have to speak to the teachers. In fact I was trying to concentrate on it so much that the teacher had to tell me to stop for break time and all the other children were walking past me.
I have a table on my own at the moment at the back of the room so that I don't distract the other children or get distracted by them. It does not always work because I can see everything in front of me, but at least I'm not turning around to look at stuff. I think I should be allowed to sit with other people though. At the moment a teaching assistant sits with me when the teacher is talking but she does not help me, she is just there to make me behave I think.

Then we had maths, writing down sums, it was all on white boards today and it was really easy. The lesson was called 3 more for the price of 2. So my teacher had to give us a sum and then using those numbers I had to make 3 other sums. I was easy.

After lunch we had French. I got a really bad report for French, because I don't listen. Today I got on quite well though. Then we had music, and I'm good at that. We made songs on the computer by singing into it and playing different instruments. It was really cool.

I remembered earlier that I got sent out of my classroom yesterday during RE for saying silly jokes, but that's the only time this week that I was sent out. That's really good for me!

I've only got £160 to go to get to my target now, so please keep donating and you could win some cool socks as well.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

2nd School day

Today at School I had another good day. In the morning we had spelling and after that we did maths. It was a little harder than yesterday but it was still easy enough today. My teacher said that my hand writing is getting better too. She said I might be a level 5 soon, but that's probably when I get to the end of year six!

At morning break it was supposed to be infants turn for football but the juniors still managed to get to play as well. I think if mum and dad have another baby it should be called Lewis Junior :)

Bully update! No news to report today at school, but Billy the bully 1 did turn up in my street after school when I was out playing, so I just went home straight away.

In RE today I got to do some role play about deciding the right things.

Thank you to the people that have entered my competition so far. Please keep donating you have 3 days left to go for the boys socks.

Today I got some exciting news in the post. Liverpool Football Club sent me a couple of bits to give away on my blog. How cool is that! Big thank you to them.

Thats it for now. See ya

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Year 5 finally

I got back to school today. At last I am a year 5. It was really fun for the first day back, because we got to do easy maths in the morning that I understood. The in the afternoon we did simple (to me anyway) history and football! What a day! In history we learnt about centuries and decades. I thought that a century was 10 years and a decade was 100 but apparently it's the other way around! Who knew!
In maths we counted in thousands and I put my hand up for every single question, even when I was not supposed to.

I also took a letter into school for my teacher today from Mum and Dad because they want to have a meeting about getting me the extra help I wish I had. Apparently Mum and Dad aint happy with what's going on.

Billy the Bully 1 was there today left me alone. He joined in with football at break time but didn't do anything nasty then either.

So really today was cool.

Please please take part in my give away. At the moment I'm going to have to keep them all. Even a £1 donation will give you a chance to win. So come on people, donate, donate, donate!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012


We received a letter today from the people who sort out the special needs at school. I was sad because it said that I cannot get any help at school. They have said that it is because my teachers have not done things that they were supposed to do. So now I can't get any help for at least 6 months and year 5 will almost be over! I don't know why people don't want to help me, it makes me think I am bad and doing things wrong. All I want to do is get a little bit of help so that I can understand what I'm supposed to do and to try and keep me calm.

Tomorrow I will be a year 5 and going back to school. I'm excited to be going back, but also worried about how hard the work will be. I am also worried about Billy the Bully 1 as he'll still be at school and as he is in year 6 now he might be even worse. If he does do anything mean, I hope my teacher believes me if I tell her.

It is a fresh new start tomorrow so I'm going to try really hard to get a better school report than I got in year 4.  I am excited about being one of the big boys because they are always going to the back on school trips.

Other than that I just need to say, please keep donating to be in with a chance of winning the socks! Remember every donation, big or small, will get an entry to get well over £10's worth of socks from the awesome Sock Shop.

Anyway, Mum says I have to have an early night tonight so see ya tomorrow peeps.

Monday, 3 September 2012

The great sock give away

Hi All,

Well I'm back from my little break with grandma and granddad and it was fab. I was going to tell you about it but I've got other things to say!

Remember I said I don't like seems in my socks or anything yukky like that. Well the cool people that work at The Sock Shop found my blog and sent me some more! How cool is that! I think you should all go and by some because they are really comfy! Dad said I should put this bit in though that Katrina at The Sock Shop said about their seemless socks:

I just wanted to let you know that on the site we refer to our seamless toe socks as ‘hand linked toe socks’. What this means is that the seam has been created by linking the stitches of the two sides together with one thread, which creates a comfortable, flat seam.

We call it this so it doesn’t cause confusion for our customers - so they know that while there is still a seam there, it is flat and much more comfortable, and essentially the sock feels like its seamless.

I can tell you they are really comfy. So go buy some. Or you could win a selection of socks from here! Yes you heard it, you could win some this week from here. Along with my socks they also were really nice and sent a mixture of other boys and girls socks. So I'm going to give them away to 2 lucky winners.

This week and next week. If you donate I'll put your name in the hat to win them. Dad says we are going to use a thing called Random Picker to draw who wins! This week I'm giving away boy socks.

So just donate all this week and then put a comment on here and then on Sunday after 1pm I'll announce the lucky winner.

Dad says I've also got to say that you need to make sure that you do not claim gift aid if you are entering the competition as that's what the just giving rules are. And you need to be in the UK because I haven't got enough pocket money to send anywhere else.

So just to say again. If you donate this week to my Just Giving page up until Sunday at 1pm I will add you in to win some boys socks from The Sock Shop.

Here's just one of the pairs!

So good luck everyone and get donating!!!