Tuesday, 4 September 2012


We received a letter today from the people who sort out the special needs at school. I was sad because it said that I cannot get any help at school. They have said that it is because my teachers have not done things that they were supposed to do. So now I can't get any help for at least 6 months and year 5 will almost be over! I don't know why people don't want to help me, it makes me think I am bad and doing things wrong. All I want to do is get a little bit of help so that I can understand what I'm supposed to do and to try and keep me calm.

Tomorrow I will be a year 5 and going back to school. I'm excited to be going back, but also worried about how hard the work will be. I am also worried about Billy the Bully 1 as he'll still be at school and as he is in year 6 now he might be even worse. If he does do anything mean, I hope my teacher believes me if I tell her.

It is a fresh new start tomorrow so I'm going to try really hard to get a better school report than I got in year 4.  I am excited about being one of the big boys because they are always going to the back on school trips.

Other than that I just need to say, please keep donating to be in with a chance of winning the socks! Remember every donation, big or small, will get an entry to get well over £10's worth of socks from the awesome Sock Shop.

Anyway, Mum says I have to have an early night tonight so see ya tomorrow peeps.

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  1. Aww big hugs Lewis my Edward started as a yr 1 today and has just received his report following his Aspergers diagnosis, i plan to hound them daily so I know they are giving all help he needs.
    I hope Billy the bully leaves u alone one day the world will bite him back and the teachers who don't believe you.
    Hope u get a good night sleep and have a good day tomorrow
    Keep blogging always a pleasure to read how ur doing x