Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Big school meeting

Today, mum and dad had a big meeting with my headmaster and teacher about how I've been and to talk about the extra help that they want to get me.
I don't know everything that was said but dad says the meeting went well and my teachers are really happy with the way this term is going, which means mum and dad are happy as well. They still want to get me extra help but there are things that I can do in class that does help me. Being at the back of the class now means that I'm not being distracted by things going on behind me. Also if I think that I'm struggling to concentrate or the teacher thinks I'm being disruptive I can just go out of the class and sit in the office for a little while and either keep doing the work or just relax for a few moments. This really helps me. Dad says that the school is also going to get some help from some other people that understand Aspergers as well and get some ideas about what do to help me. It's all kind of boring to me but dad says its important so worth telling you about.

The one think that I did think was cool was that although I didn't get onto the School council, I was second so I nearly made it, which means that some people in my class must think I'm pretty cool.

Drum lesson tomorrow so off to bed to get ready.


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  1. Im glad the Meeting went well for your Mum and Dad.
    Hope your Drum Lesson goes well.

    Love reading your Blog, so keep up the good work. Harley and Euan say Hello to you aswell x