Thursday, 13 September 2012

School still cool

Firstly no one has entered my give away for Sock Shop socks. All you need to do is donate and leave a comment. Come on please help me out here!

So far this term I'm still being pretty good at school and not getting sent out of class. I've only been sent out once since school started. I'm trying really hard because it's a new year and a new start. Thats what I was told at the end of the year and thats what I'm doing. A couple of times I've been given warnings but managed to calm down and then don't get told off.

In literacy we've been writing stories and I think I'm the best in my year at the moment. My worst lesson is French and thats tomorrow. I'm supposed to be winning a prize for remembering French words for each letter of the alphabet.

I hope your week is going as well as mine so far, I havent even been told off at home yet! How cool is that?

Speak to you tomorrow after French yuk!

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