Saturday, 15 September 2012


Today I got my collection bucket from The National Autistic Society so that I can collect money at school and things. I'm thinking of taking it to Tesco's for the day to get loads of money, what do you think?

I thought today that it was about time that I introduced you all to 3 of my best friends. Rosie, Jim and Titch. I thought of this because we've just got back from having to take poor little Rosie girl to the vets because she's got a nasty sore bit on her leg that she needed medicine for. She had to have 2 injections and then the vet put a collar on her, but she managed to get it off before we even got home.
This is Rosie
Rosie is a Bengal cat that likes to have her personal space, she gets really scared very very easily, and is really mouthy. She was our first cat.

Jim or Jimmy is a ginger tom cat and he's really a big wus, if Rosie and Titch are jumping all over him, he'll just sit there and let them attack him. He's the fluffiest of the lot. Here is Jim giving Rosie a cuddle.

Every time Jimmy goes out, he always comes back with an animal or sorts, that he has hunted, and killed.
Our last cat is the youngest. The one and only, the Titchster aka Titch. Titch is probably the fastest of the lot, and the hungriest, and tries to be the most adventurous. He is Rosie's kitten. His brother was called Romeo but he went to another home. Titch is about 4 months old now, here he is.

I love all of my cats, they are all really cool. 

Anyway, just one more day to go until the end of this week's give away, and no one has entered yet, which is really disappointing. Please enter if you can, even a pound will make a difference. Just go to to donate, leave a comment on the blog and please remember not to claim gift aid if you want the socks. It's really easy, please do it.

Off to see my Great Nanny tomorrow.
See you soon

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