Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I had a really good day at school today. We met a really good artist called Claire Barker, this is her website - http://www.clairebarkerillustrator.co.uk/ she's really nice and I really enjoyed having our art lesson with her.
I drew a zombie wizard, and the a cool double faced go compare fat man head. When you look at it one way he is an evil person and then when you turn it over he's a sad person. It was great fun.

Tuesday's are always my favourite day at school, because it's always art or DT in the afternoon and the teacher with have is really nice. I was thinking that I don't remember ever being sent out of her class every since starting at this school. Dad says I've been going there for a year now. I couldn't believe it had been that long. A year has gone really fast I think.

I can still remember my last school that I went to. I didn't really like it there. I had a lot of friends but there was also a lot of bullies there. I even had one boy jump up and down on my head on a space hopper once. There are still some bullies where I live now and at my school now, but it is much much better.

I also asked at school if we could do a non-uniform day at school for The National Autistic Society soon as well. Hopefully they'll say yes and then I can raise more money.

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See ya tomorrow,

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  1. Lewis, we want to see a pic of the go compare 2 faced man and the zombie wizard - both sound brilliant! Logan doesn't like zombie things. When we go to the arcade at the seaside, if there's a zombie game, he can't help but stare at it.. so we always have to stay away!