Friday, 14 September 2012

Yay the weekend

The weekend is here at last. I love Friday's because I get to stay up a bit later and we sometimes have chinese for tea! And tonight we did :)

I hurt my head today. I was trying to scare someone at school and pulled the door open to say boo and really hit my head hard on it, and left a pretty big bump. Dad said I should have told the teacher but what's the point, it's not going to kill me!

I am also a bit angry at the moment though. It's a bit sad because I'm still not allowed to go out to the park. I think I've learnt enough to know that I have to look properly when I cross the road. I think it's really unfair. I think mum and dad won't let me because they hate me. They really said that they are really afraid that I'll get hurt, because I get distracted by things and might run across the road. But I think I know that even if someone calls me and says hey Lewis, quick come here, we are playing a really cool game, that I'd still make sure I look.

I think that when they know I'm going to try that they might let me. All I get told is that, no you can't because you'll get yourself killed, but I'm flippin not!

I know that what I need to do is prove that I can be trusted, but it's not easy when I get annoyed or upset because I go out and then come home early because everyone else has left my street and gone over the the park.

Hopefully soon I'll get it right!

Wish me luck

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  1. Oh Lewis, your parents DON'T hate you! I'm pretty sure they trust you 100% too. What you're doing on this blog is a pretty big thing and they're trusting you to take care of that. I'm sure if you think hard, there's a lot they trust you with each day.

    I can't explain to you how it feels to be a parent.. but from the moment your child is born, you love them with all of your heart. Your parents know you better than you even know yourself and it's so frightening for them to let you cross that road because they probably have learnt from their lives with you that you sometimes forget to do things - such as focus. I know you are so sure you can do this, but understand that to your parents, it is not something so small as trusting you to cross the road. It is imagining how destroyed they would be if one day you wasn't concentrating and you got run over. It's because they love you so much.

    Accidents happen.. just like when you banged your head today. You know how to open doors, you can open doors and you are trusted to, but one lack of concentration and you had an accident. Getting hit by a door is not so bad.. getting hit by a car is another story.