Monday, 17 September 2012

Deal or no deal

Today I got back from school, which was boring as always, and went out to play with one of my friends. Only in the street though as I'm still not allowed over to the park. Well anyway, I played out for a little while and came back in to go to the toilet and asked if I could stay out later. I was told I could go out until 6. So I went out again. I came back and complained to mum and dad that I should be allowed out later. I think I should be allowed to stay out later because everybody else gets to stay out until they have to go to bed, and I would only be in my street where mum and dad could see me from the window. They still said no, I had to be home at 6 :( I was not happy, but went out for my last 20 minutes and came back just before 6.

When I got back, mum gave me this amazing deal. Mum said that if I behave, and come back when they say and go to bed when they say all week until my birthday on Sunday when I'm 10 then they'll think about letting me out later. I was quite pleased with the deal, and decided to accept it.

Thank you for listening.


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