Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Year 5 finally

I got back to school today. At last I am a year 5. It was really fun for the first day back, because we got to do easy maths in the morning that I understood. The in the afternoon we did simple (to me anyway) history and football! What a day! In history we learnt about centuries and decades. I thought that a century was 10 years and a decade was 100 but apparently it's the other way around! Who knew!
In maths we counted in thousands and I put my hand up for every single question, even when I was not supposed to.

I also took a letter into school for my teacher today from Mum and Dad because they want to have a meeting about getting me the extra help I wish I had. Apparently Mum and Dad aint happy with what's going on.

Billy the Bully 1 was there today left me alone. He joined in with football at break time but didn't do anything nasty then either.

So really today was cool.

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1 comment:

  1. Im glad you had a really good day today. Hope you get all the extra help you need to.

    Keep smiling xx