Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday at last!

Well I've made it to the end of the week without any bullies getting me. So a good week really.

Today at school we had a big write. Which is where you write a big story. It happens every Friday. I done three sides of writing and had still not finished! Everyone made up their own story and I made up that I was climbing Mount Everest. I didn't even have to speak to the teachers. In fact I was trying to concentrate on it so much that the teacher had to tell me to stop for break time and all the other children were walking past me.
I have a table on my own at the moment at the back of the room so that I don't distract the other children or get distracted by them. It does not always work because I can see everything in front of me, but at least I'm not turning around to look at stuff. I think I should be allowed to sit with other people though. At the moment a teaching assistant sits with me when the teacher is talking but she does not help me, she is just there to make me behave I think.

Then we had maths, writing down sums, it was all on white boards today and it was really easy. The lesson was called 3 more for the price of 2. So my teacher had to give us a sum and then using those numbers I had to make 3 other sums. I was easy.

After lunch we had French. I got a really bad report for French, because I don't listen. Today I got on quite well though. Then we had music, and I'm good at that. We made songs on the computer by singing into it and playing different instruments. It was really cool.

I remembered earlier that I got sent out of my classroom yesterday during RE for saying silly jokes, but that's the only time this week that I was sent out. That's really good for me!

I've only got £160 to go to get to my target now, so please keep donating and you could win some cool socks as well.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

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  1. Lewis, my autistic son Logan has recentely asked if he can be moved to a table on his own as the other kids distract him being silly. Even though he doesn't want to join in with them, he can't help it and then he gets in trouble for not doing his work. The teacher thinks he is naughty like the kids causing trouble, but really - he just can't keep his eyes off the distractions. He tries his best to work really hard. Moving away means he doesn't have to see them.

    I think your teaching assistant is there incase you need help but clearly, you are a very intelligent lad and have no need to ask her anything. That's why she sits there doing nothing!

    Keep going, keep trying your best and one day you will see that all this trying hard and learning made you a super smart person who can do anything in the world they dream of - rather than the silly boys who learnt nothing.