Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bully wins again :(

Well today the bully won. I didn't get hurt but Billy the Bully 1 came very close. I was pinned against a wall being threatened which wasn't very nice.

It all started at lunch time when I heard another boy swearing and I told the teacher, but she didn't believe me. Then when I went into the toilet that boy was in there with his cousin, which is Billy the Bully. I didn't realise that he was his cousin but it turns out that he is. Well then Billy grabbed hold of me and pinned me against the wall so that I couldn't move. The he said if you tell on him again I'm going to get you. I told him to get off of me and he said it again that he would get me again. He then let me go and I tried to get away, but as I did I tripped over his leg and fell against the wall, but when I did that I accidental knocked into the other boy. They then ran out and told the teacher that I had punched him. I didn't, I promise I didn't. I tried to tell the teacher what had happened but she believed the Billy and the other boy so I got told off and then had to miss break and made to sit away from the class.

So I think I got told off for being bullied. Dad is going to go in and speak to the teacher in the morning to sort it out. I wish I hadn't said anything to the teacher about the other boy swearing now.

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.

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  1. Reckon your Dad will sort them out. Keep strong Lewis, their actions always catch up with them in the end.