Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Close call with the bullies

Today was the first time that Billy the Bully 1 has said anything nasty to me since we started back at school. Thats pretty good going really but it did scare me a little bit.
In the afternoon at school today he came over to me and said, "I'm going to kill you after school" I just ignored him and then he came back a few minutes later whilst the teacher was stood next to us and said "I'm really going to kill you after school". I don't think the teacher heard him, even though she was stood right next to us. So when school finished I was a bit nervous because mum and dad don't normally pick me up from School on a Tuesday. But then I saw that Billy's mum or dad had come to pick him up so there wasn't a problem at all.

So I just walked home quite happily, practised my drums again and then went off to my Drum lesson. Which was really cool by the way. On the way there dad asked if anything had happened at school today, like he always does, it gets a bit boring eventually! So I told him and mum what Billy 1 had done today. They asked me if I had told my teacher, and I told them that I hadn't. They wern't very happy with me. They keep telling me that if anyone does or says anything that I need to tell the teacher. But I don't want to be a tell tail. They said though that if I don't tell the teacher then my teach can't stop it from happening, and then when mum and dad talks to the teacher about it the teacher won't know whats going on. So I suppose I should tell her. I sort of just get used to some people being mean though really.

Hopefully nothing will happen tomorrow. I've also got some cool news about a play that I'm going to be in to tell you about but it's late now and I need to go to sleep apparently!

Check ya laters

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