Sunday, 26 August 2012

A dogs trust dog

Yesterday I went out with my Daddy, and we went to Dogs Trust Ilfracombe. I took a dog out for a walk who's name was Suzie.
We took Suzie into Braunton for a nice walk. We got Suzie out of the car and it started to rain. We had to hide under a shelter for a little while to wait for the rain to stop a bit. It was actually quite good because it meant I got to give Suzie lots of extra strokes and pats.
Then we started to walk on a bit more but I was cold because I had forgotten my jumper. Luckily as we walked past a charity shop I saw a nice hooded top that was only £1 so I got it. It was nice and warm.
On the walk we went to see my great great aunty, and I had lunch there with Suzie and Daddy. I left my aunts house and we carried on the walk. The rain had stopped then so it was really nice. Here's a picture of me walking Suzie.

When I get stressed, the thing that will always calm me down is a dog or any sort of animal that you can pet. I really like animals because a lot of them are nice and cuddly. I also like big beasts that a lot of people think are scary like snakes and lizards. My Grandad's friend in Liverpool has a corn snake, and I like it loads. I've even got ones of its shredded skins!
When I get older I want got to a special college that you can go to that teaches you ordinary lessons and also how to help animals, like how to look after horses and animal care as well. It's called Bicton College, and looks really cool. Then when I am finished at school I really want to work with animals, maybe at a zoo or something like that. But also I want to be in a band of course, playing my drums.

I really enjoy helping the dogs at dogs trust by taking them out for walks, when I'm old enough I am hoping I can go there and help out a bit more in the kennels. If you would like to adopt Suzie or any other dog please visit the Dogs Trust website here:

After we took Suzie back to Dogs Trust we went to the Fair ground! It was so much fun! I went on a little play house, but it was not as good as I hoped, I thought it was more for 5 or 6 year old's not nearly 10. I also went on the dodgems, where I was only against 1 other person but we beat them fair and square. We hit them loads and they only got us a couple of times. I rocked! Then I went on a ride called the Laser Dome mwa ha ha ha ha. Dad says its called a waltzer. It made really dizzy, because it went really fast round, I was struggling to keep my legs inside!

Please remember to keep donating and I'll speak to you soon.

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  1. Hi, It sounds like you really love to work with animals. That is really cool. I love how dogs and other animals can help us when we are stressed or full of anxiety. I bet you will go very far in working with animals. It's kids like you that give the world a new outlook on life.