Thursday, 30 August 2012

mmmm Pizza

Today mum and dad took me to pizza hut! Was it good I hear you cry.... Yes! It was goooood.
I got a bit excited whilst I was there and couldnt stop laughing! I was then pretty hyper and could not calm down, but didn't get in trouble, thanks mum and dad. Mum and Dad blamed it on the 2 glasses of Tango that I drank. I blame it on Dad having the biggest bowl of ice cream from the ice cream factory that I have ever seen! Mum was also a bit shocked at the size of the bowl.

Dad had a great email today from The Sock Shop. I'll tell you more about it very soon hopefully.

I will be going on a little holiday for the weekend with Grandma and Granddad tomorrow morning so I won't be able to post anything for a couple of days. But will hopefully have lots to say when I get back. I'm hoping to be back in time to blog again on Sunday.

Speak to you all soon, please please keep donating and I hope you have a great weekend.

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