Monday, 13 August 2012

Here come the drums!

I nearly forgot to blog today because I've been really busy today. Luckily Dad said he'd type it into the blog for me if I wrote it. So I did.
I've been busy today getting ready for my drum lesson tomorrow. I love playing the drums for a couple of reasons. One, because I'm really good at it, and two because it calms me down when I play them. I like to really hit them all really hard before I start to play properly. Mum and Dad don't like it but it gets me ready to concentrate on my practice.
I've been having lessons for nearly 2 years now and my teacher says that I'm the best person in my age group that he teaches.
Dad always thinks its funny that I am sometimes clumsy when I go out and trip over things, but when I sit in front of my drum kit, I can move my hands and feet all in time as if it's really easy.
I would really recomend that other children like me learn an instrument, and the drums is the best. That's what I think anyway!

Sorry it's a bit short today.

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