Thursday, 16 August 2012

Granddad Mondo is Mad!

This is my Granddad. As you can see, he is very very mad. He likes climbing trees! He lives in Liverpool, which is also my favourite football team. I don't get to see my Granddad very often, because he lives so far away, and I miss him lots.

He was going to come and visit me over the summer holidays but he has had to go to hospital so he wasn't well enough to come down. So he is going to come and visit me over my birthday in September instead. I'm going to stay with him and my Uncle for one night at their holiday cottage they are going to be staying at. It will be the night before my Birthday so I'll get to spend time with him, Uncle Martin and Aunty Vicky.

Granddad was in hospital because he is very poorly, because he has cancer in his brain. One day whilst he was in hospital the doctors told him that because he had been poorly he needed to try to walk again. But Granddad didn't just think to go with someone he just went off on his own for ages, and the hospital ended up getting the police to look for him!

I really love my Granddad. He is really brave, he has kept going along with brain cancer for as long as I've been alive and he keeps going and going. He's said that he keeps not giving up because of me, because I'm an inspiration to him. But really he is the one that is an inspiration.

I get really worried about him, and how well he is and even if he'll make it to the end of the year, but my Granddad is one tough puppy, and I know he'll never give up on us.

He has to make a really hard decision about if he should have an operation to try and help him live a few years, but possibly make him worse, or just to let things go and see what happens normally, but he doesn't know how long he would live without the operation. If it was me, I'd really want to know how long I would live without doing it before I could decide. But I know Granddad will make the right decision.

All I know is that I am really really looking forward to seeing him in September.

This is Lewis Alexander Jones Robinson, over and out!


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